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Saturday, December 6, 2014

finding me

if  you stood of the deck of a little boat
that was tossing and rolling at sea
and you took a pair of binoculars
and began to look for me

you would find that your eyes looked carefully
and adjusting the focus, you’d see
past the beach, through the city, and over the lakes
to the hills where I might be

to the distant hills and the mighty trees
to a little perch at the top
where a cozy house sits jauntily
and there your eyes might stop

for there, past the cities,
over the lakes,
in the wind that comes from the sea
you would find a little house on the hill
and there, you would find me.

Monday, December 1, 2014

falling into Christmas

this year, as always

i pray for peace

for stillness

for moments, hours
that are deep and throbbing with meaning

eschewing busy-ness
i stay away from lights
and noise

i pray more
i sing more
i read more

i stand in the Presence
and wait to hear
wait to speak

i watch the world
careening into chaos
and wish for all the hearts
that do not know
to sense deep down
the voice
that echoes

i fall into the whiteness
memories of cold
memories of dancing flames
in the fieldstone fireplace

surfacing among the palms
that surround me now

that the day was special
back then
not because of presents
but because we were together

falling into Christmas