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Monday, January 10, 2011

as the family of a traveling husband/daddy, we are always saying goodbye's.

my little emma is struggling with this recently.

"i will miss you..." she sobs with tears streaming from her black eyes and her lips trembling.

i get teary-eyed watching her cry.

but i am older, and i know that he always comes back. ten days is not so long to me; it's really really long to a 4-year-old.

so we plan parties and shopping trips and fun activities, and we find ways to fill in the days with joy.

and then comes the wonderful day when daddy comes home.

pure joy! skipping, leaping into his arms, hugging him tight, and asking "daddy, what did you bring me?"

and my heart wonders...

do i anticipate His coming this much? do i miss Him this much? does the Lord have this much of my emotional investment that i am devastated because he's not here, and can't hardly survive till He gets back here?

Maranatha...come quickly, Lord Jesus. I miss you.