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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

hidden horrors...

creepy, isn't it.

a nornet's nest, a couple of dead hornets, even an egg.


this is what i found in a most unusual place this week.

while performing routine maintenance tasks around my home (since hubs is out of the country) (read :fixing my wind chime) i discovered this horrible situation.

a hornets (wasps/bees- i'm not really sure) nest NESTLES inside my lovely wind chime.

once i stopped shrieking and swatting and freaking out, i had a think about this.

a hidden secret.

inside a beautiful musical thing.

a nasty, evil, dangerous creature's abode-

tucked away in something that makes lovely music and puts me to sleep at night.

those golden tones of the chimes hid the buzzing of the terror within.

isn't that like us sometimes:

inside of our beautiful sweet voices/lives/homes there is often a hidden thing lurking.

just waiting to be moved for cleaning to SUDDENLY SWARM and sting.

no, i wasn't stung.

but too close for comfort.


insult to injury:

once we thought they were all dead after our vicious spraying spree...

some of them tried to climb back inside the chime and START THE NEST AGAIN.

it's ain't right.

think about it.

when have i supposedly cleaned up something in my life, and WHOOSH...

here it comes back again, to make a nest in me again.


LORD, help me by your grace to drive out the hornets that hide in my life/heart/mind

and NEVER ever let them back in.


as in.