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Monday, January 31, 2011

don't you just love the moments when you are transported back to childhood?

this morning i am sitting on my little girl's bed while she plays with blocks. and babies.

there is a cool breeze blowing in her windows. her butterfly curtains flap happily and reveal the green trees and blue skies just outside in the "jungle".

the slant of the light, the fresh morning air, and the cozy comfort of her room somehow makes me feel like a child again.

i didn't have much of a childhood; it was mostly filled with turmoil, sickness, and stress. as the eldest of 8 children, i carried a heavy load.

the rare moments that were carefree and beautiful, i treasure in my memory.

God has been gracious to me; with each of my youngest daughters, He's given me a fresh chance to be a child again, to have the sweet innocent moments when life is simple and good.

it's never too late to return to childhood.