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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

i could consider today a wasted day.

i drove in traffic for almost 5 hours.

the reason i was out in the traffic was not accomplished, despite sitting and waiting in a government office for over 4 hours.

but i'm going to choose to look at it differently.

it wasn't a wasted day.

i was with my baby daughter and a good friend and a wonderful helper.

we had a marvelous, cheap lunch.

i had brought my ipad along, so little girl emma was entertained while driving and waiting at the SSS office with winnie-the-pooh and fiddler on the roof and backyardigans.

when the ipad lost its favor, we found an indoor garden with a fishpond and lots of flowers that delighted my little 4-year-old's heart. and ours.

i stopped by one family's house to show my friend the new GH building, and lo and behold, i was just in time to drive the other family members home and have a quick supper with them.

we got home in time to see a beautiful full moon and smell the fragrant green grass in the crisp evening air.

nobody puked.

it was a good day.

the end.