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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

i heard a sad story today, such a shadowed tale...

a young woman whom i just met has a tragic life story. she was adopted as a child; in her teen years her dad died; she was blamed for her father's death by her mother, who packed her stuff up and said she was going to take her back to social services...this young woman is now a lesbian struggling with self-image (imagine that) and acceptance. 

how would this would you ever look in the mirror 
without seeing the darkness of the shame and guilt 
you carry on your shoulders?

there is light, though, for this darkness.

light in the form of One who is brighter than the brightest sun in the universe.

His face and His smile can wink out the darkest blackest horror.

i pray that this beautiful girl with the big smile- despite the tragedy of her life- 
will come to know Him. 

through me, through us.