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Monday, January 24, 2011

sometimes life swirls around me like a multi-colored psychadelic tornado.

no, i haven't been taking drugs, although i am a 60's child.

from every side, even from top and bottom...the pressures press- as their name implies- and my mind is constantly playing catch-up, as if i have one short leg and am just a bit out of step.

what to do?

in my 60 years of life, i've tried various techniques.

meditation. (not the TM kind)

smelling the flowers.

saying "no".


you know what?

i'm still not sure how to cope with the dizzying tumble of waves as life washes over me

and sometimes

catches me in the surf and tosses me every which way till i'm gasping and blinded by the turmoil.

but i do know SOMEONE who knows how.


Lord, i come to You with the bashes and bangs and bumps and blizzards of my life.

not sure how to cope.

hold me

settle me

be with me

and when this monster wave passes,

i know there will be respite and quiet and calm again.

thank you.