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Thursday, February 24, 2011

beads and buttons

it's just a piece of plastic twine, threaded with a button, a few beads, and couple of tiny blocks with letters.

it's a necklace. it's mismatched. it's simple and unusual.

it's a priceless treasure.

my little girl spent a long time secretly stringing these jewels on this shining strand of plastic- then with joy and delight in her voice, she ran to me..."Mommy, this is for you!" she sang.

i wear it proudly. money could not buy the gift that her chubby little brown fingers struggled to make.

my heart melts when i remember all the little gifts that my children have made for me in years past. many of them i've kept...some have been lost or broken but i still remember them fondly.

each one is precious- a beautiful expression of the sweet love of a child for mommy.


these are the materials from which the most exquisite and priceless keepsakes are made.

thank you, baby girl, for my beautiful present. i love it, and i love you.