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Monday, February 7, 2011


this world is an ungrateful place.

people, myself included, have such ENTITLEMENT attitudes.

"i deserve this"

"i worked hard for this"

"this is mine"

"no one should have the right to take this away from me"

on and on.

what a sick, self-serving attitude. nothing is mine- except God and all He gives. and even then, what He gives is not really mine.

it's not mine.

open-handed, we must stand before a loving Creator and say, "it's all yours..." (steven curtis chapman song)

today, i'm grateful, with no sense of entitlement, for many things. here's a few. i did nothing to deserve these, but i am a loved daughter of the High King, and He has blessed me.

-i'm grateful for mornings alone in the quiet dawn with Him

-i'm grateful for my little brown-skinned baby lying warm in the bed with legs occasionally kicking like a little horse

-i'm grateful for sunshine today and almost every day in this lovely climate we live in

-i'm grateful for the man who loves me unconditionally and to the very best of his ability

-i'm grateful for just enough trouble to keep me on my knees...

and i don't deserve any of it except maybe the trouble part. :))