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Monday, February 28, 2011

in which sanctification is lost at a toll booth...

yesterday, i kind of lost my sanctification at a toll booth.

 when i went thru to get on the freeway (SLEX) there was nobody in the booth to give me a card so i just went on as there was a line-up of vehicles honking behind me.

 this was most unfortunate for the girl at the actual skyway toll, who demanded 199p instead of the usual 120p because "ma'am, you have no card..." 

i calmly explained, "there was no one in the toll booth when i went through."

 "no ma'am, there was. you have to pay 199p, you have no card."

"the reason i have no card is because there was no one in the toll booth, and i had many cars lined up behind me and i just went through."

"no ma'am, there was someone in the toll booth."

pause...breathe deeply...stay calm...try again.

i suggested she call the toll booth in question. "no ma'am, you went through the wrong toll booth."

 "no, i went through the same one i always go through. there was no one there."

 "no ma'am, there was someone there." three times she assured me that there was indeed SOMEONE there. or i had gone through the wrong lane.

at which point i forgot about deep breathing and said in a squeaky voice, "are you calling me a liar?"

 she said, "No, ma'am" which infuriated me even more. "you just did it again!" i hollered.

 in slow motion i put the car in park,  took off my sunglasses, and said to her evenly but forcefully, "look in my eyes. i am a pastor's wife, and i am a christian. i don't lie. THERE WAS NO BODY IN THAT TOLL BOOTH. I REFUSE TO PAY THIS. and furthermore, YOU OWE ME AN APOLOGY." (capitals indicate volume rising)

 a crowd had gathered by this time. i was in FULL VOICE. i had PUT MY VEHICLE IN PARK. it was SHOWDOWN TIME.

an apology was made- and not by me. tears flowed. loud voices were heard. i was mad.

and i did NOT pay 199p.

 as i drove away, the supervisor bequeathed the final infuriating insult...she waved her hands at me and sweetly sang, "calm down, ma'am, calm down!"


 even christians get ticked off. i suppose in hindsight i should have remained calm and just paid the ************** toll.

 but ya know, sometimes you just get tired of being ripped off through no fault of your own. SIGH.