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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

new grandson!

a new little boy was born on the other side of the world from me...about 48 hours home, suddenly, surprisingly, into his daddy's outstretched hands. he's just an 8-pounder, small compared to his older brother and sister, but he has a brilliant and grand name: ISAAC DOUGLAS DAVIDSON MCDOUGALL.

he's a son of promise.

this little family wasn't supposed to have any more children- but God has His ways. and now Isaac is here, and we are all in love with HIS ROYAL SQUISHINESS.

i'm oceans and continents away from this precious bundle, but in skyping today with his mommy and daddy, i could literally 'smell' him. the sweet scent of a newborn, the fluffy fragrance of his face, the milkiness of his breath.

Isaac is only the 2nd grandchild that i have not been at the birth. out of ten grandchildren, i've delivered 7. i was present at one but did not 'catch', and have missed 2- one because he's adopted :) and now isaac's, because i'm so far away.

but in my heart i'm right there, cudding him, changing him, singing to him, watching the ever-changing expressions on that beautiful little face with the scrunchy eyes...i'm there.

i'm in love.

and i would have loved to have been there at the birth, but the angels were there, and daddy was there, and it's all good. just the way God intended it all to be.

nini loves you, isaac douglas davidson mcdougall.