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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

shadows sometimes

there's a shadow in our little world today.

yes, the middle east is in flames...australia being battered by a cyclone...north america in a deep freeze...

but in my little world there is also a problem.

our little girl has asthma.

we are praying for an answer.

giving her the prescribed meds.

teaching her the breathing exercises.

believing that God has an answer.

but it's hard to watch her cough when she runs or plays.

hard to check her lungs with the stethoscope and hear that insidious wheezing.

this surely cannot be her future!

and i think of all the other parents with much more serious challenges to their childrens' health, and i feel guilty for even worrying about our little emma.

nevertheless, that is my heart's burden today.

little girl, Jesus is your healer. we trust Him.