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Friday, February 11, 2011

spending less, liking more

we're doing a construction project that has gone, of course, over budget.

we've decided that rather than allow the stress of spending too much overwhelm us, we're going to cut back.

not spend it without until we can afford it.

so we may not be taking showers in the new house any time soon.

just kidding.

we're going to polish concrete floors rather than buy expensive tiles.

we're going to focus on what's essential, rather than what's wanted.

we're going to do the landscaping in installments, rather than all at once, no matter how the neighbors stare. and they do stare.

this requires some imagination, negotiation, and strangulation. (another joke, trying to lighten up)


and we are going to count our blessings! so many blessings! imagine how many people would like to have a new house....and here we are, at our age, finally getting one.

God is so good.

so that's the way it is. spending less, liking more.