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Thursday, March 17, 2011

just on the other side of my wall...

a little boy...left alone year after year with just his elderly father.

a horribly deformed little face and mind, but a happy little personality.

a little jungle animal, but somewhere in there is a hungry, love-starved little boy.

eats only rice with sugar. did not know what a banana or an apple was- we had taken some there- he threw them on the ground.

laughing loud, clothed in raggy things in honor of our 2nd coming...we'd peeked over the wall briefly and decided to go get food and go back...

'what's your name?' i asked.

'one two three!' he answered proudly.

'how old are you?'


cackle cackle.

no toys, no books, never been to school...spent his whole life in the jungle, just on the other side of my wall.

emma, my darling little emma, gave him one of her little bracelets...he admired it, birdlike, at first, then took it off and put it on her ear. she giggled and giggled. no fear, no shyness, just one child's open acceptance of another child. i'm so proud of her- my little open-hearted baby girl.

we had to leave him, having asked enough questions to present a case to those who need to know...this is neglect and abandonment and the old man was thankful to get some promise of help. in the meantime, we'll feed them.

the girls have taken to calling him 'one-two-three'...

this is Jesus, living right just on the other side of our wall.

Lord, open our eyes to see.