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Thursday, March 31, 2011

to trains

i am so not a morning person.

i'm with garfield...'whoever invented mornings should be dragged out in the streets and shot'.

and yet there is such a beauty about the dawn, before the world is rushing.

i've been having to get up so early lately (it's different if i wake up on my own, refreshed and ready for the day) to take my husband to the train. since his bike got wrecked, he's a commuter with the other ten or so million people who take the trains/buses/jeeps of this city.

so i get up and go with him to the train, then drive home.

barely awake.

system sluggish and protesting in the chill of dawn. staggering slightly as i walk to the car. clutching my coffee and praying for a jolt.

i'm affronted by the sound of the traffic as we near the station, horrified by the pushcarts full of vegetables being pushed along the middle of the highway, the buzzing motorcycles speeding in and out of lanes of traffic, the buses honking madly as if nobody can see that they're there...

as we leave for the train in the softening gray of dawn, i see a crescent moon and venus in the sky to the east. hanging so close it feels like they are lamps in the living room of our yard. i almost want to reach out and switch them off as the sun creeps up.

and then, we turn onto the highway and the madness begins.

but at least i'm not the one riding the train, fighting for an inch of breathing space, pushing through the crush to get in or out. bless his heart, my sweet man is the one doing that- for us.

to trains.