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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

don't squash the child's heart...

this is emma. 

at the grocery store, 
eating icecream from the macdonald's kiosk.

yes, she is wearing a plastic crown and
a string of my old beads.

and her jelly bands, of course.

and her peter rabbit jumper and bloomers.

i often let her wear the crown when we go out,
for you see

emma is a princess.

this is a very important thing to remember.

every night she prays for 'her prince' to come some day...

she takes this very seriously.

i've seen and heard parents admonish children not to
wear dress-up stuff outside the house.

'get dressed properly, take that off, you look silly, we're going out...' blah blah blah

what a way to squash a little heart.

let the little cowboy wear his boots.

let the princess wear her crown.

all too soon, childhood is over, the dreams have been shattered,
and 'proper' has taken over the fun of being silly.

let the child be a child.

and it wouldn't hurt for you- or me- to wear a crown, or old beads,
or a flowing ball gown, or cowboy boots and hat,
to the grocery store either.

you'd be surprised how much fun it is.