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Thursday, April 7, 2011

on the Lenten road...

i love old poetry. i love the ancient English 'thee's' and 'thine's' and the convoluted sentence structure. i grew up reading it- i learned to memorize Scripture in the King James translation, so it's familiar and comfortable.

this may not be true for some who read this, but just let the words settle in your mind and don't dissect them or try to interpret them.

here's a lovely example of Victorian English in a poignant poem about Christ on the way to the Cross.

"And is Thy spotless life on earth to end
Ere Thy young manhood has but scarce begun?
Will not Thy Father heaven's guardians send?
Thou art His son.

Is there no other way to save mankind
Without Thine agony and utter loss?
Is there no road which Heavenly Love may find
Beside the Cross?

There is no path His weary feet may know
But that which leads Him to the shameful tree;
That Great Forgiving Love will even go
to Calvary."

E. Lillian Lowther