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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


waiting for the trees to grow...watching every day as i water them for signs of life...but it's hot hot summer so not much is happening.

they are waiting for the rain.

their wilting leaves lift thirsty little faces up to the sky as if begging for moisture, even though i am pouring water onto the roots.


wetness, life-giving moisture.

we all need it.

my soul lifts a thirsty face to the sky and begs for the refreshing liquid that will not only quench my parching need but will wash me and cool me and bring life.

oh, how we need water. too much sun without the counterpart of nature will kill. we love sunshine, but we also need those times of the wild pouring rain to sweep and blow and thrash us clean.

hold on, little trees, rainy season is coming...hold on...