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Sunday, May 8, 2011

a special day

my little girl came walking in the house yesterday with her arms full...a beautiful yellow orchid waving above her little black ponytail.

walked straight up to me in full view of a house-full of workmen, and in a loud, brave voice, said

"happy mother's day, mommy!"

then ran and buried her little face in my lap for awhile.

oh, my emma.

child of my heart, child of my old age, child of my dreams and hopes and fears...

to be your mama, precious little daughter, is a joyful surprise i never knew i'd have.

God is so funny.

and i am so grateful.

i have had a lovely mother's day...surrounded by a loving husband, children and grandchildren and special people who also call me mom.

i've been hugged, kissed, cried on, laughed on, and in general just loved today.

i'm so grateful.

i know for many women this is a hard day. some of us have children in heaven, some of us have wayward children, some of us are alienated from our kids, and sometimes we may feel forgotten and unappreciated.


for me, that day wasn't today.

i've been alone many a mother's day- sometimes felt forgotten- cried some bitter tears over my failings and faults as a mom...

cuz- GASP- i'm not perfect...

but today i've felt loved.

and that's nice.

especially when you're 60 and have a 4-year-old little girl!