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Saturday, May 21, 2011

things my kids/grandkids love to do:



hang over balconies and stairs

watch movies

be sprayed with sprinklers while planting a crazy-quilt garden

choose and cook their own special food from the supermarket

swim swim swim swim

play house


ride bikes

dance in the rain

eat popcorn and cookies and chips and drink pepsi (i know, evil)

wake up at the crack of dawn

fight over who gets the top bunk

dress up in different clothes several times a day

sleep in the last outfit they were wearing at bedtime

read books

have books read to them

joy-rides in the car (even the pukers want to come along)

icecream as a food group

wrestle with daddy/papa

...that's just the beginning of the list i've accumulated and observed over the last 40 years...