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Thursday, June 23, 2011

love languages

today i realized that food as a gift- to others- is my love language to them.

all the many decades i've been cooking and baking, and done it all out of love...and only today i realized the significance of what i've done.

one of my earliest memories is standing tiptoe in our yellow kitchen, spreading beautiful yellow butter and beautiful yellow mustard on fresh bread to make a sandwich for me and my brother. (this is possibly the source of my love of yellow...)

my mom was not a love-cook. she was a good cook, but to her it was work. she hated buying groceries. one of my happiest times is when i'm in the supermarket, stocking up on delicious things for my family. i often am overly-enthusiastic and have to put items back when i get to the cashier as i'm over budget.

i love cooking.

i particularly love baking.

back in the old days, in canada on the prairies, i'd preserve fruit and make pickles with all the farmers' wives..just like a good pioneer woman.

real pioneer woman, queen of the blog world, has of course been crowned as the reigning majesty of cooking/baking/homeschooling/romance/pretty much everything else...

but in my little world, i am the queen of fresh bread, organic healthy cookies, interesting and experimental recipes (mental?? :)) and general delicious smells wafting out of my (new) kitchen.

it's my love language.

it says, to my loved ones, "i'm here. i'm in the heart of this home, making healthy food for you to eat because i love you and i want you to be healthy and strong. let's all sit down and together enjoy the tastes and smells of home."

and here's hoping my dear older children have forgiven me for the brief foray into the world of soybean cooking back in the 80's!


now i really must go mold my curried meatballs and get the brown rice in the cooker.