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Thursday, June 9, 2011

silence and stillness

the past few days have been still and quiet.

only one little girlie around, and she with a fever and snuggled quiet on the couch with books and videos and stuffed toys.

too still.

a visiting old friend, resting up from jet lag, quiet conversations and laughter and napping. so many naps. yawning in the sunshine, sleepy in the rain.

so still.

the rain followed days of scorching sun- pounding rain, quiet rain, lashing rain, dripping rain...days and days of rain. perfect for resting, reading, eating, nursing little girlie.

today, we took a long walk, slowly, among the green fields and the flowers and the light mist. dogs came along but were sent home for being too bouncy and barky.

a long, slow walk. looking at the small quiet things along our pathway, smelling the flowers.

'be still...and know that I am God...'

he said this, purposefully.

how lovely, this brief interval of quiet.

just what my soul needed.