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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

when love takes you in...

everything changes.

since our little trio of children has been told that they have a forever family waiting for them, everything has changed.

their eyes are brighter. they are more confident. they are excitedly talking about christmas-time, when they will see their new mom and dad and 'have a house'!

what, i ask, have they been living in the past 6 years???

they've been living in an institution. a homey, caring, loving institution, but they know it's not home.

their hearts have been longing for a house that is just theirs, not 50 other children's as well.

cherrylyn tonight...praying for her new family to not miss her too much...her little heart, of course, is saying, 'help me not to miss them too much'...

when love takes you in, everything changes.

somewhere, someone's waiting, wishing, longing for you too, sweet little girlie. for all of you.

God is the father of the orphan...but how doubly precious when a real live human daddy-and mommy- comes along and takes them in.

everything changes.