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Sunday, July 17, 2011


it's so hot, and the ground is scorched and hard as concrete. i can't even bear to walk on it in 'bare' feet.

the expected rains have bypassed us.

the blazing sun and wind have baked the land into a pancake of desperate dirt.




only a couple of weeks ago there was a mini-lake in our yard.

now it's a wasteland of cracked earth and weeds where my newly planted trees struggle to survive the furnace of each noon.

i wasted a lot of time experimenting on irrigation.

almost killed one big tree by not realizing it wasn't getting enough water to its roots. i'm not familiar with a tropical water table,'s deeper and lower than i know.


a friend said


as God had ordained it (yes, i do really think so)

the grass in our fields had just been cut hours before i got the message.

i dashed outside in my bare feet and my housedress and began grabbing armfuls of the fragrant mown hay and hauling them over the garden wall. like, it was right next door.

for two hours my helper and i hauled hay and 'mulched' the dying trees and shrubs and plants.

then watered.

for hours.

up again before sunrise to gather more hay, mulch some more, and pour on the water.

almost had a disaster late this afternoon- came home from a long day out and the person instructed to "water" had merely sprinkled a little and left the hay/mulch dry so it was literally blowing in the wind.

but i saved it.

this farming is hard work.

please, God, let it rain.

and please me to remember that my heart must never become as hard as this thirsty parched garden...i need mulch.

what that mulch is, in spiritual form, i'm not too sure.

but whatever it is, i need it.