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Thursday, August 18, 2011

lessons of the garden...

i have two beautiful little neem trees that i transplanted from pots into the garden about 3 months ago.

they were doing well, or so i thought...until i noticed they were leaning from the wind and i staked them up.

last week i checked on them to see how they were doing, straight-wise. when i untied the string and let them loose from the stakes, they totally flopped over and hung almost to the ground. my mouth dropped open- their trunks- or stems rather- had gotten thin and spindly because they had been tied up.

hmmmm. what to do?

i noticed on one tree that a cluster of little neem branches were beginning at the lower end of the weak trunk. "AHA! i shall chop off the tall spindly upper part and let it grow from the ground up," i decide.

the other one has no such luck, and i have no idea what to do with it. trees somehow look really weird when their tops are hanging on the ground.

moral of the story: TOO MUCH SUPPORT makes a weak tree. i should have let the wind blow and the tree figure it out. i loved it too much. now i have to chop it.

God is a gardener.

i'm learning a lot.

now......what to do with my eucalyptus tree which has the same problem but is staked to a pole that is 14 ft high???


thoughts from the garden.