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Monday, August 1, 2011


every day of this special summer we are making memories with our family.

sundays all together, big dinners, kids swimming, babies toddling and cooing and fussing, adults laughing and teasing...


that's what family is for.

every moment special and unique and fleeting.

the years fly so fast.

before we know it these little ones are catching up to the angst-ridden teens and the adults in various stages of life.

we who are the older ones- the parents, the grandparents- must stop and watch each thing, lest we miss the beauty.

each smile- each giggle- each glimpse of love and laughter and yes, angst and quarreling...just precious moments to remember.

building a foundation of memories for them to repeat to their grandchildren some day.

i pick up spilled hamburger from the pan and tell my granddaughter, "my grandma could pick up hot coals from the fire with her fingers..."

someday this little girl will tell her little girls, "my grandmother could pick up hot meat from the stove when it fell out of the pan..."

i bring out great-grandma's special dishes and we have a teaparty, and they will each get a cup and saucer when i'm gone and they will have a teaparty with their own little girls and they will remember...remember...

we walk in the tender rain- arms entwined under umbrellas, and they ask, and so i tell them about their births...

"you were born in the bathtub..".

"you were born so fast and i said, "oh, it's a little girl!"

"you were so long when you were born, and you were so healthy, and you were so quiet..."

memories of who they are, carried in their hearts...

the boys will remember the papa and the uncles and daddies tossing them, dunking them in the pool, building towers on shoulders, teasing them, instilling the maleness and building healthy testosterone levels...the quiet talks in corners with moms and aunts and grandma...

the girls will remember not just the softness and wisdom of the moms and aunties and grandmas, but the strength and closeness of the daddies, uncles, brothers, grandpas too.

the motorcycle rides...the baking...the movies played...craziness of adventures...the Holy Book every meal- made exciting and fun...

raising children.

making memories.

moments to capture in the heart forever.