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Thursday, September 8, 2011


i love them.

these two have a story.

molly, the white one, we found hiding behind boards in our garage, starving and terrified. dennis sliced his arm digging her out from behind left-over panes of took a week to get her to come out of hiding...she hid in the wildest places. she was a pathetic, demented, sick little kitten.

at about 2 weeks old, she developed a fever of some kind and was so ill i thought she would for sure die. she staggered around, shaking and losing control of her hind legs. i didn't even bother to take her to the vet...just tried to keep her safe and comfortable.

we had a houseguest at the time who prayed for molly...loved her...talked to her...gave instructions as to the proper care and feeding...and persisted with faith.

sure enough, after about a week, molly recovered. she has grown sleek and graceful and is a frightening killing machine. (think, baby birds- ACK)

the other cat, goliath, is a black shadow that my granddaughter found hiding under a car in front of her house. he (i think he's a he) was a skeleton with wounds all over his body, eyes and nose full of green matter, and no voice. 

for the sake of my granddaughter, i did take him to the vet. he was on antibiotics for a week and found his voice, and his personality. very different from molly. goliath is a lover. a purrer. a snuggler. 

strange how two little animals from similar backgrounds of abuse and neglect can turn into lovely pets with such different personalities. 

they make our days brighter and our evenings cuddlier. 

they have learned to co-exist.

and this is what i found them doing today.


and i love that in the shadow of his black fur you can't even see goliath's blue eyes.