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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

i walk in bare feet in my garden.

my soles feel the dirt, the stones, the weeds, the prickle of the "shy" plant with the terrible thorns...

i walk.

i look.

i prune, pull, plant and pray.

i need to be in my bare feet, despite the thorns and the stones.

how would i know what i was walking on if i could not feel it?

how could i pull each weed, throw away each stone, feel which part of the soil is dry and which is too wet, if i could not feel it?

a lesson learned: to know the condition of your life, you must be barefoot in your soul. you must be open and vulnerable and feeling. you must sense the dryness, the flooding, the pain. you have to feel the sting of the nettles, the sharp jab of the thorns.

bare feet.

skin to earth.

heart to life.