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Thursday, September 22, 2011

lessons of the garden...

it's a war out there in the back yard.

the garden is full of life- and death.

every delicious green growing thing is a meal to something...and that something- usually a bug or worm- is a meal to something else.

life yields to death.

death yields to life.

the seeds i plant bury themselves deep in the ground and die, while the life on the inside of them stands up and reaches for the sunlight.

as they break free of the soil, they are instant targets for predators.

bugs and worms beset them, and then the birds come in and peck the bugs/worms off everything...and then my cats kill the birds...and the dogs chase the cats...and the guards come looking for the dogs if they get loose...and i'm not sure how far to take this since i can't think of anything that comes chasing the guards.

but you get my drift.

too much rain...too much sun...killers.

it's a war out there, folks.

i look forward to the day when death permanently yields to life- the eternity where somehow God takes this convoluted circle of life and makes it all work together and the lion lays down on green grass with the lamb and they are friends.

no more food chain.