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Thursday, September 15, 2011

this grainy black and white photo is all i have of a great-grandmother on my dad's side.

she was a pioneering woman- settled with her husband on the prairies of Canada more than a hundred years ago.

a picture , they say, is worth a thousand words...but what i wouldn't give for some words from her.

to hear her voice.

to see the color of her eyes.

the listen to her stories, her laughter, to watch her hands in motion.

all i have is this tiny bit of a photograph; and it makes me hunger for more.

i just don't know enough.

she's part of who i am, and i don't even know her.

how precious heaven will be...we can spend as long as it takes to get to know the long-lost loved ones we've only seen in pictures.

i imagine she's waiting too...watching...wondering...part of the cloud of witnesses that i anticipate will greet me there.

some days heaven is just so real, so close, i can almost taste it.

on days like this, i long for home. my heart's home.

and this photo makes me oh, so homesick.