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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

dear little blog, how i've missed you.

it's been a rough week or two...

no internet...

no phone...

nothing to do but gardening, school, driving, reading, talking to people IRL face to face instead of on FACEbook...

but now, it appears- at least temporarily- the internet is back.

we are reconnected!

we'll catch up.

i love you, little blog. missed you. good to be back.

Friday, October 7, 2011

piano recital, sort of.

emma loves the video where "frances" has a piano recital and muffins (cupcakes actually).

emma has been learning piano.

emma loves muffins. especially banana ones slathered with chocolate melted on top.

so this morning, little miss decided it was piano recital time, with muffins (supposed to be cupcakes but whatever.)

so...after 2 hours of prep time (hair, make-up, dressing, and making the muffins) we had a 5 minute piano recital and ate our muffins.

and drank grape juice.

and it was lovely.

these are the moments i will remember.


my little girlie's heart and imagination and hopes and wishes sometimes require a lot of time and energy.

but she will never forget it either.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

lessons of the garden...

this morning i bent, in hot sun, sweat in my eyes, gathering broken leaves to throw on the compost heap.

leaves from vines that had been destroyed by an insidious enemy bourne of too much rain- bacteria wilt.

the smell of decay, the rush into the senses of dying foliage, filled the air.

smelled like autumn in temperate climate-

like the laying down of life in sweet decay-

preparing for a long winter.

no winter here- but the smell the same.

death of lovely green turns to tired brown turns to quiet black..

i toss the hideous mass, soggy and sad, onto the compost heap.

the broken veins will feed the soil...the coming harvest.

the bacteria doesn't win, really.

from the decay of one comes the life of another.

reminds me of Someone I know.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

i shed some tears today.

it was the end of a season of life- the closing of a chapter of our story and a saying farewell to many happy memories.

we sold our little apartment today; it was our home for 9 years- the longest we've ever lived anywhere.

it was the place where we lived (really, we just slept there) when we both worked 14 hour days in the church with offices next door to each other.

it was a place we brought hurting people to for ministry, food, prayer, and fun.

it was a shelter for a young woman who had a stalker.

it was the place where we brought home our baby girl at 5 hours old.

it was the home where i once again was a stay-at-home mommy. at 56!!!

the rooms are filled with memories of family, small grandchildren, visiting kids from across the planet, guests and friends...

if the walls could talk...

we wandered around today, remembering, talking quietly, marveling that even after living somewhere else now for more than a year, there are so many things about that place that are still 'home'. the view- that magnificent view of the city skyline- still so familiar. the little kitchen- almost the scent of many meals lingers in the air. the "blue room" where the children stayed when they came for sleep-overs...

well, it's gone now. we've moved on- and coming back to the 'here and now' white house is indeed home, and i'm not sad that we moved or made the decision to sell the old place.

it's just hard, you know? another chapter over.

it was the home God promised me after a battle and seemingly insurmountable financial difficulties. everything went wrong- but God told me, standing in my kitchen, "if it matters to you, it matters to me. it's yours". and He reversed the impossible obstacles, and we bought it without a centavo down payment.

my little home of promise. He is faithful.

and He will be faithful here too.

goodbye, little home on the 6th floor...thank You, Lord, for that season. Thank You for Your promise and Your faithfulness.

In every season, You are there.