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Wednesday, October 5, 2011

lessons of the garden...

this morning i bent, in hot sun, sweat in my eyes, gathering broken leaves to throw on the compost heap.

leaves from vines that had been destroyed by an insidious enemy bourne of too much rain- bacteria wilt.

the smell of decay, the rush into the senses of dying foliage, filled the air.

smelled like autumn in temperate climate-

like the laying down of life in sweet decay-

preparing for a long winter.

no winter here- but the smell the same.

death of lovely green turns to tired brown turns to quiet black..

i toss the hideous mass, soggy and sad, onto the compost heap.

the broken veins will feed the soil...the coming harvest.

the bacteria doesn't win, really.

from the decay of one comes the life of another.

reminds me of Someone I know.