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Wednesday, November 16, 2011


been awhile, i know.

been busy.

doing just the ordinary, humdrum things of life.

thought i'd share what happened today that was not ordinary.

first of all, background: last week, 2000 pesos went missing from my wallet. just walked away, without so much as a please and thankyou.

the morning i drove up to the tollbooth, opened my wallet, and discovered 20 lonely pesos where i had just seen 2000 the evening before, was a shock.

so what was different about the evening before the morning shock at the tollbooth? (i did scrounge up enough to pay the toll from change and bits of paper money hiding in various places in my car, the people behind me in the line were not amused)


the house next door, where nobody lives (because they think it has ghosts), has a new caretaker. a middle-aged lady. while i was away at school, she informed my caretaker that she was locked out of the house- being new to the doors- and had slept outside. she was hungry. she was tired. she was in need of help.

when i got home from school, i invited her in for a cup of coffee. we fed her supper. my girls talked to her for a long time, just chatting and getting acquainted. she was kind of weird, but you know. one doesn't like to jump to conclusions.

you knew where this is going, don't you.


one of my girls went to the bathroom, the other was washing dishes and not really watching, and my purse with the red wallet visible was sitting on the little table in the foyer, where it always sits.



eventually, after searching, thinking, talking to various people, and getting advice, we reported the theft to the security in our village.

no accusations, just the bare bones of the story, and the missing money.

today, somebody must have told her. i was standing outside on the driveway watering some very dry grass, when suddenly i heard a roaring sound. here comes this lady.

striding up my sidewalk, right past me into my house, bellowing "susan! susan! where is susan!"

there is no susan at my house, let it be noted.

i followed her.

she backtracked and came out towards me -out of my house, mind you- and continued roaring, weeping, and waving her arms. i could not understand anything she was saying- she's visayan, not my dialect- and so i held up my hand, and called for nancy.

nancy is the original helper of mine who she had approached the day she was locked out.

more bellowing. my other girl came to see. i left and went upstairs to calm down the little girls.

we called the guard.

he escorted her home across the street.

phone calls were made. reports filed. i was advised to lock my doors.

i didn't.

i refuse to live behind locked doors.

the employer was supposed to come immediately. as of now, 8 hours later, she's a no-show...and ms BELLOW has been stomping around in her yard, all day.

i'm not scared.

i will lock the doors and windows tonight.

but i think she is probably slightly manic and very upset at what she has been told is an accusation- it's not, really- and so there.

it's been interesting. especially the part where emma and my little cherrylyn (granddaughter) dressed up as darby and spent the whole rest of the day storming around pretending to be sleuths finding a robber. yeah.

never- well, sometimes, but not today- a dull moment.