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Friday, November 25, 2011

of hedgehogs and reindeer and teddies..

it's been two years since i saw my Christmas things. last year we were 'camping' in temporary housing while waiting for our house to be finished, and i had no room to put anything out. (we basically lived out of boxes for 9 months. but that's another story.)

today, we unpacked Christmas treasures.

it felt like old friends stepping out of a dark place into the light and holding out hands saying, 'oh, how i've missed you...'

things i'd forgotten were unwrapped- linens and teddy bears and dishes and candleholders...all so sparkly and bright and unbegrudging of their two-year imprisonment.

the little tree stretched its stiff limbs as if it was glad to be free of the cardboard and tape and dust.

the hedgehog made a run for it, so i put him in the wagon outside on the front veranda together with the reindeer and the big teddy with the red hat.

the mugs wept to be filled with tea. the candleholders shone with the light inside, so thankful to be warm and blazing again.

my dear little treasures. tomorrow we shall continue to place you all in just the right corners of our lovely house. merry Christmas!!!