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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

many many years ago
in a small country town
there came a day
when it was someone's birthday.

the husband of this 'someone'
that she choose gifts
for herself.

so they went shopping.
and somewhere
(i think if i remember right)
this someone
who was me
found this little mouse.

this sweet little christmas mouse.

look at his face.
those wide eyes. 
that pert little nose.
the dear little santa suit
now rubbing off in places...

does he not look
like just the sort of mouse
that would creep quietly quietly
out from under the christmas tree
to watch with beady little eyes
for santa to arrive?

(of course we know it's just a story)

i love this little mouse.

he's getting worn.

he's travelled around the world 
and been packed and unpacked 
many times.

but each year when i take him
out of his newspaper wrapping
he reminds me 
of the sweet day
that i found him in a little shop
on a certain day
that was a birthday 
of a certain person
who was me.

merry christmas, dear little mouse!