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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Mommy- is Santa Claus real?


yes, it was time for the answer, Virginia.

and i had to break the news to my dear little daughter that 'no, Santa Claus is not a real person. he's just a story'.

"REALLY? HE'S NOT REAL?" she gasped.

she was not upset, or hurt, just very shocked- it seemed like she could hardly believe that so much excitement and fun surrounded a person who is not real.

i followed up with saying that Christmas is really about Jesus- that he is who the story is really about.

she nodded...Jesus has been in her life since before she was that seemed to be a given.

i told her the story of a man named Nicholas who was so kind and good that people began calling him a he gave to the he was our example for gift-giving and out of his story emerged the story of St. Nicholas, which then morphed somehow into Santa Claus.

"but Emma," i said, "we must remember that Jesus was the best example of all, because he gave himself."

again her little head nodded, and her black eyes sparkled.

Sorry, Virginia, i cannot tell a lie. There really is no Santa Claus...only the Lord who came as a baby and with joyous abandon gave his life away- for us.

It's really all about Jesus.

and that's the truth.