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Sunday, December 25, 2011

the yellow teapot...

many years ago, 1993 to be exact, i found a little boy.

he was starving, emaciated, deathly ill with tuberculosis of the spine.

i brought him home, mewling like a kitten, and nursed him through many long years of hospital stays, medicine, and surgeries. several times we did not think he'd make it.

those huge black eyes of his would melt my heart- we called him "the boy who would not die".

eventually our daughter and her husband adopted him and 'j' became part of our family.

he grew up. he graduated from high school. he adapted to life with hearing aids and minor bone deformities. he developed a lovely personality and a caring, gentle heart.

he went away to canada to work. he got hard jobs and became tough and strong. he made lots of money.

and one christmas, his first christmas after leaving home, he came back bearing gifts. he bounced in, walking like a man, sporting a 'rockstar' image and an eyebrow piercing- but his eyes were the same.

he brought me a yellow teapot- the first thing out of my mouth when he had asked, 'nini, what do you want for christmas?'

a yellow teapot.

every time i use this beautiful object, and sip the warm tea from it, i will remember, and rejoice, in a life saved, a grandson who loves me, and the goodness of a Father who loves the orphan.

thanks, are loved!