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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

zero at the bone

today i was out on my daily walk, just clipping along in my green crocs and enjoying the fresh air, the sunset in the west, and the feeling of stiffness working its way out of my bones.

suddenly i looked down.

right in front of my next footstep- a snake.

still as death on the road, facing away from me, but alert and listening and waiting.

i stopped.

calmed my instinct to scream and run.

stood still and watched him back.

slowly backed up and called across the field to rose to call someone to come and kill it.

death to the deadly. there are cobras in these woods.

nobody came except nancy, bearing a piece of wood in her hands.


i stood guard. i wanted that thing dead before it escaped into the sewers from whence, no doubt, it came.

nancy, upon seeing the size of it, picked up several rocks, but was too afraid to approach the now slithering snake.

he knew the jig was up.

the sun continued to set as we stood there in the gathering darkness waiting for a rescue.

little by little, in fits and starts, the object of our attention made his way towards the drain.

nancy refused to stand in front of him and keep him in the middle of the street, although she did buck up enough to throw a rock at him.

that just made him mad.

slither slither slither.

and then- he was there, and disappeared headfirst down into the darknessssss.

(stock image above, but his exact likeness. cobra.)