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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

we fly

husband on an airplane- hyderabad/chennai/london/calgary.

daughter flying out tomorrow- manila/hongkong/vancouver/calgary.

son on the computer buying tickets.

other son at his grandfather's side in hospital, sleepless both of them, watching and waiting and restless and so so tired.

life is hard.

we left behind scramble to fill in the gaps, to hold the chain together, to take care of what must be done because we cannot go.

this is family.

this is family during the hard times.

grandfather's old body breaking down...mind losing its grip on reality...tired organs failing...

this is life.

this is how it comes sometimes.

we pray.

we fly.

we hold the breaches with our hands.

we sit in the hospital room and breathe, and watch him try to breathe, and pray.

we fly.