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Monday, January 30, 2012

in the wee small hours of the morning...

can't sleep.

too many things on my mind.

grandpa so ill.

daddy gone for so long.

a summer of travel to plan and budget for.

frustration with red tape for emma's papers.

my poor brain chooses to mull these things over 
when it should be sleeping, 
in the starlit hours of quietness that precede the busy day.

this is "behind the morning"...

a poet said it so beautifully:

"i have always been delighted at the prospect
of a new day,
a fresh try,
one more start,
with perhaps a bit of magic waiting
somewhere behind the morning."

morning is coming. 

sleep will come.

i give myself permission to think, to process,
 to take the time that i did not have 
during this past day 
to be creative and thoughtful.

necessary quiet time- in the wee small hours.

it's ok, little brain.

think away.

plan. pray. process. 

and trust Him who holds tomorrow.