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Friday, February 10, 2012


yes, i am the designated driver.

of my dear little daughter.

to school...3 days a week.

normally this would not raise eyebrows.

but given the fact that this is metro manila, and we live a minimum of an hour away from school, on an optimum day (love those two 'mums so close together), it's quite a feat.

i see some interesting things as i cruise along in my trusty dusty ford everest.

i see the sunrise.

i see birds on the river at dawn.

i see little boats and little bikes and tricycles and trucks.

i have, sadly, seen death twice this year. once a single motorcyclist...another time a carnage.

driving miss emma to and from school is not for the faint of heart.

therefore, i gird up my loins so to speak and with grit and determination, head out onto the highways and byways.

and occasionally, i see something i just have to video.

this traffic cop made me laugh. it's a horrible one-handed video because the road is very very bumpy...but it gives you an idea of what i see and experience every day on the roads going to and from faith academy, cainta, rizal.

good job, mr traffic cop.