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Sunday, March 4, 2012

challenges and catching up

my little girl is so adorable.

i can take no credit for her looks, her personality, her charm- she was conceived in and birthed from another's womb.

sometimes daddy asks her, "how did you get to be so cute?"

and she answers, "jesus just made me like this!"


but i think we have shaped her to be a happy, secure, contented little person who faces life with courage and joy.

now come some challenges.

little girl has been assessed and deemed ready to spend her last semester of this school year as a kindergartener.

this means she needs to catch up! catch up! catch up! from the chaos of pre-K with a 50% ELL student ratio, to a real classroom where everyone speaks english and sits still!

she needs to learn about 40 new words, a bit more math, and the cambridge style of handwriting.

if she gets it all done, and done successfully, she will go into grade 1 in august.


for the spring break, and for summer vacation, guess what little girlie and i will be doing?

that's right! catching up!

we are so proud of her. she will be right on track for her age. i know she can do it. despite her motor skill issues, and her immaturity at the beginning of last school year, she has made great strides in all areas. what other children do naturally in terms of jumping, climbing, running and balancing, she has to try really hard at. academically she is on track, but some physical things are just a struggle for her.

but she's improving and being so brave. she is, in her own words, 'conquering fear' every day.

and when miss Z, the kinder teacher, met with us last week and said to her, 'i'm so excited to have you in my class!', little girlie smiled up at her and said, 'i'm more excited than you are!'

you go, little girlie.