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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

forgotten corners

day after day passes by with me in my garden,
planting, weeding, pruning, and harvesting. 

the tomatoes have collapsed under the weight 
of their sweet red globes. 
they lie sprawled on the peanut grass, 
arms cracked and torn,
ripening recklessly in the heat of the noonday sun.

the last of the brave lettuce has folded in on itself,
and a new crop planted.
rotation, rotation, rotation...

the feathery baby carrots need weeding, 
since i foolishly put fresh-mown hay on them 
in desperation for protection from the sun,
 and the tiny seeds of the weed grass have sprouted 
along with the carrots...

the black and yellow caterpillars on the fragrant spikes 
of the lemon tree 
have to be monitored. 
they will turn into beautiful butterflies, 
but too many of them munching will devour the tree- 
i only squish them when they have truly overrun the leaves. 

i fight a daily battle with scorching tropical sun
 and strong easterly winds. 
the banana trees are leaning hard to the west, 
but mightily reproducing- 
how does one stop a banana tree
from pushing up babies all around itself???
i had no idea they so vigorously propogate 
deep beneath the soil...

yesterday i happened upon a corner of the garden 
that i don't often get to.
there are no vegetables planted there... 
it's in the very back behind the eucalyptus trees.
i gasped in delight as i pushed my way past the silvery branches- 
there are sunflowers blooming! 
i'd almost forgotten i planted any there. 

they've been neglected- 
getting just a spray of water now and then...
no staking...but there they are,
their happy yellow faces following the sun from east to west 
with never a hint of reproach for the fact that 
their beauty is hidden and ignored.
they bloom in glorious dismissal
of their neglect.

just another reason why i love sunflowers.

they remind me of people i know- 
precious souls who are 
what we'd call 'low maintenance'. 

Lord, make me a 'low-maintenance' person 
who thrives and blooms in my hidden corner of the world. 

help me lift up my trusting face to your sunshine love 
with no thought of what i need or what i'm missing. 

let me be content to bloom where you've put me, 
quietly rejoicing in the hidden corner of the garden,
with no reproach for what might have been.

"but godliness actually is a means of great gain 
when accompanied by contentment..."
-1 Timothy 6:6 (NASB)