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Saturday, April 28, 2012

emma- book of life

this morning a lovely thing happened.

my little girlie and i, bedridden with colds and flu, were beginning another quiet day in our room. i was catching up on my bible reading- she was playing with little toys.

as i was sitting in my chair reading, she said, "mama, read the Bible to me".

i began to softly read (despite very sore throat) thru the Psalms on my reading list. every time i'd pause, she'd say, 'keep reading, mama'.

once in a while i'd stop and explain something or have her repeat a very special verse like psalm 32:7- 'you are my hiding place, you will protect me from trouble and surround me with songs of deliverance...'

came along in my reading to psalm 69:28; ''may they be blotted out of the book of life, and not be listed with the righteous.' i paused and explained to her that God has a book of life where he writes the names of those who choose to follow him.

i was about to go on, when she said, 'mama, i want my name to be in that book.'

i held my breath. 'emma, would you like to tell God that? do you want him to write your name down in his book of life?'

'yes i do' she said.

'want to come here and we'll pray together?"

'no, i'll just stay here and pray, but you help me, ok?' she asked.

so we prayed together...'God, i want you to write my name down in your book of life. i choose to follow you and for Jesus to be my Savior. amen.'

a moment later i asked gently, 'did you feel that God has written your name down?'

'no,' she responded, 'but i just believe he did.'

i clapped my hands. 'that's faith, emma! that's faith!'

oh little girlie. another building block in the foundation of your personal faith happened this morning. God heard that prayer, and he saw that faith- he knows your heart.

how thankful i am for the word- as i was reading it aloud to her, his spirit touched the soil of this little heart and made it soft and open. how glad i am as a mom that i was here to see and sense that the moment was ripe for the word to be planted into the receptive little heart. 

and i believe, with faith like she has, that's it's not about what we felt, it's about believing that a mighty hand that rules the universe wrote a little name down in his book this morning.