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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

who knew-

that i'd be doing this, this thing, when i was 61 and a half years old?

i don't know why i keep changing careers.

i've never been bored with any one thing. i could go on doing it forever. i'm a 'stick in the rut' sort of person.

i don't like change.

i don't even like having a career at all, really...i'd be happy to stay home and crochet.

but this is about the 5th time i've begun a whole new 'thing'.

here i am teaching english to koreans.

at a school.

and they've asked me to stay on for next year.

this...after a nursing education, 15 years as a pastor's wife with all the tasks that entails, a midwifery stint for about 15 years, a 5-year music/counseling/teaching stint at our church, and then 3 semesters of assisting in pre-kindergarten.

it's all very weird.

i don't know.

God must be up to something.