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Thursday, May 10, 2012

i have 5 children. 3 of them are adopted.

each mother's day, but this one in particular, i think about the birth mothers of my 3 who are privileged to have two moms. 

as emma says, 'yippee! i have two moms! a birth mom and a REAL MOM!"

but i think of the women who gave birth to my beautiful heart reaches out to them and i wish there was a way to let them know how loved their kids are, how proud they could be of these gifts for whom they chose the hope of a better life.

so i just pray, as i have prayed all these long years, that the heart of each one of these three women would be comforted and they would know somehow that their child is safe, loved, happy and well.

and i wish they could know how thankful i am that they chose to make the sacrifice- they chose to hold their babies on open hands so that God, in His strange and wonderful way, could weave the circumstances into a pattern that brought our children home to us, as He no doubt destined.

no doubt. i use that phrase with intention...

i have no doubt that each child found their way to our home and hearts because it was His wish and His design.

there are no accidents when we ask for a child. there are no accidents when we are surprised by one, as with our little emma. 

it was all His plan.

i hope the precious birth moms of my kids know that. 

i pray they know that they were not failures as mothers. 

Lord, help them to know that. Help them to know they did a good thing, a wise thing.

Help them to know i am thankful.

and comfort their hearts this mother's day.