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Friday, September 28, 2012

of a brother...

it's his birthday today, and he is somewhere.

none of us really know where.

he's "gone to ground" as my sister beth says...buried somewhere anonymously-in hiding.

he is the youngest of four boys. he was a blond, curly-haired, angel faced little man with a sweet smile and a tender spirit, born in a time of trouble and near-death for my precious mom. he was her 'valley' child and she sang her way through the terror as she lingered in the shadows.

perhaps the shadows followed the child.

life twisted him.

he tried to stay straight- i know he did- but wrong choices wove a web from which he could not- cannot- escape.

i think of him often...remember the innocence and brilliance of his childhood, the golden voice of him...before harsh reality seared his soul.

before his golden curls were forcibly cut off so that he would look more "boyish".

before cruel words and mocking taunts and secret trouble drove him from home.

i remember my little brother. and i pray.