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Saturday, September 15, 2012

while i was sleeping

weird and wonderful things are happening in my spiritual life recently.

i'm having visitations from Holy Spirit in my sleep...

one night a couple of weeks ago, i dreamed that i was 'slain in the Spirit' (an old Pentecostal term for falling down almost unconscious during prayer or ministry time). i have actually been 'slain' while awake, and felt the presence of God so strongly that it was like a soft blanket with anchors of steel that held me to the floor while HE did a work in my heart. 

DISLAIMER: nobody has ever 'pushed me over', either...and i've made it a point to keep standing when everyone is falling around me because i truly don't want to be a part of mass hysteria...

but this was different- because i was alone, and sleeping, at the time.

i fell over sideways (in my dream) and lay on the floor in a trance, awake (but sleeping) but not able to move. in my arms i held a huge golden circle of light that was warm on my chest. i lay there for a long time (while i was sleeping) and the presence of God trembled, vibrated, warmed...strangely powerful and beautiful. 

after awhile i sat up.

then a lady bent over me (in my dream) and said some words in a language i did not understand. she laid a gentle hand on my (sleeping) shoulder, and i was slain again. over i went on the floor, still clutching the huge circle of golden light, and this time the air around me was a rainbow- a pulsating kaleidoscope of light that throbbed around me, through me, within me. 

for an eternity i lay there, bathed in the light, filled with the light, paralyzed by the light. my worlds of inner and outer consciousness bridged and melded and swirled together in stupefying wonder. 

(SPOCK would have been proud.)

when i awoke from the dream, i was changed...i felt if something wonderful was going to happen. had already happened.

i wonder what HE is up to now...i'm on the brink of something...and the air is crisp and clean and smells like sunshine and the pulsating circle of light thrills within my arms.