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Monday, October 15, 2012

'it droppeth as the gentle rain from heav'n'...

i've been thinking a lot lately about mercy.

that rare quality that 'is not strained'...

that is an attribute of God...

that tempers justice...

ah yes.

my lowest gift. 

i score really really low on mercy. 

as in, zero.

in 2006, God played such a joke on me.

he gave me a baby girl whose name was 'mercy'.

that was her given name at birth- 

we added 'emma', 

but her birth mom gave her that lovely name 

as her only gift

and we kept it.



letting the justice of a crime be forgotten. 

not giving someone what they deserve as punishment.

hard for someone like me- 

a black/and/white, prophetic, 

no-nonsense type of person. 

i'm an 'off-with-her-head' soul. 

a shylock if there ever was one.

oh! but God has had such mercy on me. 

such forgiveness. 

such unmerited grace 

and such undeserved putting-away 

of sins and punishment.

how could i do less? 

nature-contrary...but how?

and so i ponder mercy.

and i look at my little daughter 

and am in awe

that God- so intentional- reminded me 

and gave me her.