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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

in praise of chickens

i have two chickens- 'brenda' and 'lady'.

brenda is black and white and gray...lady is a redhead with gorgeous auburn shades all over her body.

i never knew how lovely hens i sit outside their coop and quietly watch them, i am in awe of their simple beauty.

they are happy hens...they are protected and well-fed and mollycoddled. i love them. and-

they have begun to lay sweet little brown eggs!

who knew hens had so many different kinds of feathers...long strong wing feathers...soft downy fluff on their behinds...shapely colorful ones on their necks...brief but protective ones on their faces and legs...

they scratch their strong claws deep in the earth, dig huge holes, peck contentedly and viciously at the worms and bugs.

they gloriously fertilize the leaves and grass and dirt of their coop. i in turn scoop it all out every week and put it on the garden, then give them fresh leaves and grass for a new floor in their coop. thank you, hens, for the free organic fertilizer!

they make deep nests and lay eggs loudly- CACKLE CACKLE CACKLE SQUAK!- and strut proudly.

their beady eyes see everything and they flinch and startle and flutter. yet they sit quietly on their perch while my little emma reaches out gentle fingers to 'feel chicken-feathers, mommy...i've never felt chicken-feathers!'

here's to hens!